Course Guide: CP1 to CP2

CP1 to CP2 (Pak Mong 白芒村)
Checkpoint closes at 1:30pm

Section distance: 9km

Total distance: 14km

D+/­ 640m

Leave Nam Shan and continue along the Lantau Trail Section 2 heading towards Sunset Peak for 3.3km. The biggest climb and descent of the day await you on the longest and potentially trickiest (in terms of technical running) section of the race. This section is highly exposed and offers very little cover, so if it is a hot, sunny day please plan accordingly and make sure to bring a hat or visor.

At the junction where two yellow signs are posted up towards ‘Pak Kung Au via Sunset Peak’ and back towards ‘Nam Shan’, take a sharp right turn. ​Stay on this trail for almost 7km, passing Lin Fa Shan and Por Kai Shan and being careful not to stray up to their summits, however inviting they may look!

The trail along this section can be technical and rocky in parts, so mind your ankles, but before the start of the descent into Pak Mong, a clear day will afford you an incredible view out over the country park, to Tung Chung and the airport beyond.

Please be careful of dangerously exposed concrete lips on the horrible stairs that have been needlessley put in certain sections along here - they are extremely easy to catch a toe on. When you get down onto the concrete road from the trail, the check point will be just around the next right turn.