Course Guide: CP2 to CP3

CP2 to CP3 (Discovery Bay 愉景灣)
Checkpoint closes at 3:30pm

Section distance: 8km

Total distance: 22km

D+/­ 500m

Leave the CP and follow the road around the old village courtyard, past the public toilets, to the next set of public toilets at Ngau Kwu Long, following posted signs for Mui Wo.

Turn right and join the Olympic Trail for 3km, posted ‘Mui Wo’, until you come to a wooden sitting area with a left turn marked ‘Lo Fu Tau Country Trail’.

Take this turn and continue along the main trail (do not take any left or right turns off the Lo Fu Tau Country Trail) for 3.5km, skimming around the golf course and several interestingly shaped and large boulders along the way, to the top of Lo Fu Tau or ‘Tiger’s Head’ viewing area, which features incredible 360 degree views over Discovery Bay to Kowloon and Hong Kong islands.