Course Guide: CP3 to Finish

CP3 to Finish (Mui Wo 梅窩)
Event cutoff is 5:30pm

Section distance: 7km

Total distance: 29km

D+/­ 300m

Leave the CP and turn right up the road, past the reservoir, for 1km. There are no cars in Discovery Bay, but please stay on the sidewalk as buses, taxis, and teenagers in golf carts are still dangerously driven along the roads here.

At the 23km mark, before the entrance to a short tunnel, take a left turn onto trail marked ‘Trappist Monastery / Mui Wo’ (blue and green signs).

Continue along this dirt and rocky trail for 2.5km, before you descend to a stream and old wooden signpost. **COURSE CHANGE FROM 2016** Do not cross over the river as per the photo below. Instead turn left here and continue down to the Trappist Monastery.

When you reach the Trappist Monastery, at the end of the trail, turn right following the signs to 'Mui Wo' and start your ascent up the concrete path which will last about 1km.


At the top of the concrete will be some stairs. Take the trail on the right of the stairs - do not go up the steep stairs here - and continue on this short trail until you reach the long stretch of concrete stairs that lead down into Mui Wo. Turn right when you reach the end of the stair descent and run along the beach or path to the end where the Silvermine Beach Hotel is. Carry on over the bridge and take a left turn at the main road continuing along the footpath back to the Mui Wo ferry piers, and start/finish area outside the China Bear.