Course Guide: Start to CP1

Start to CP1 (Nam Shan 南山)
Checkpoint closes at 11:00am

Section distance: 5km

Total distance: 5km

D+/­ 310m



After leaving the start area outside Lantau Base Camp, head straight down the road past the lorry carpark and around the corner to the left, onto Lantau Trail Section 12 in reverse. Continue along this lovely undulating, dirt coastal path trail until the 2km mark, when you come to the first junction. Don’t continue straight down the hill, but turn sharp right up the stairs where the yellow signpost says ‘Pui O’ and Lantau Trail Section 12 (reverse) continues.

A few hundred meters up the trail will fork, with the stairs continuing on the right and a small dirt trail on the left. Take the stairs up past the pagoda and continue along Lantau Trail Section 12 in reverse.

Continue along the trail, following posted yellow signs for ‘Pui O’​ when you come off the trail onto a concrete road. This road continues to the right for a few hundred meters before a sharp left turn back onto trail, continuing to follow the yellow signs for ‘Pui O’.

Carry on along this wonderful trail, staying to the right after the Pak Fu Tin BBQ site and camp grounds, following the yellow signs, until the trail splits left and right again. Turn right​, posted ‘Nam Shan’ and continue down to the road, taking care to cross at the bus stop and carry on down to the right. The first check point and water stop will be at the pagoda area here, next to the public toilets. ­­