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Free To Run


Free to Run’s mission is to use running, fitness and adventure to empower and educate women and girls from conflict-affected communities.

Free To Run 的使命是想通過跑步, 健身和冒險運動來增強及教育住在受社區衝突影響地區的婦女和女孩.


In many areas of the world, there are few opportunities to participate in sports. Women and girls are especially restricted as a result of widespread discrimination and traditional beliefs about female roles. In countries like Afghanistan, harmful cultural and gender norms significantly limit the ability of women and girls to engage in activities outside the home. Particularly in post-conflict regions, sports are extremely limited or even nonexistent due to a lack of resources and insecurity.

在世界很多地區, 當地人能參加體育運動的機會很少. 因普遍被歧視和傳統女性在社會的地位, 女性能參與運動的機會更少. 像在阿富汗這樣的國家, 不良文化和性別的規範大大限制了婦女和女孩參與在家以外的活動. 特別是在受衝突後的地區, 因缺乏資源和安全環境, 體育運動非常有限或不存在.

Free To Run strongly believe in the power of sports to transform the lives of women and girls, and are deeply committed to making that happen.

Free To Run 相信體育運動的力量能改變婦女和女孩的生活, 並致力實現這個目標.


RUN Hong Kong


RUN Hong Kong rehabilitate vulnerable refugees through running and other sports.

RUN Hong Kong 通過跑步和其他運動來協助難民恢復過正常生活.

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RUN Hong Kong helps them recover from past traumas in a warm, friendly and safe environment. They support them to develop skills for a more hopeful future and helps promote equality and understanding amongst participants and with the local host population

RUN Hong Kong 會在溫暖, 友好和安全的環境下幫助他們走出過去的傷痛. RUN Hong Kong 支持他們發展技能, 創造更有希望的未來, 並促進參與者和當地居民的平等關係和互相理解.

RUN Hong Kong have a special focus on women

RUN Hong Kong 特別關注婦女的需求

RUN Hong Kong are a community beyond sport

RUN Hong Kong 是一個超越運動的社群

5% of all registrations is split between these two amazing charities. You are able to help these charities further when registering.

RaceBase 將捐出全部報名費用的5%予以上兩間慈善機構. 您可以在報名時選擇額外捐款以進一步幫助他們.