The 9 Dragons Clean Running Policy

RaceBase Clean Running Policy

RaceBase 反禁藥跑步政策


RaceBase is committed to clean sport and does not condone the use of performance enhancing drugs or banned substances at any level of competition.

RaceBase 一向致力推動反禁藥運動, 不會容忍在任何形式的比賽中使用能幫助提升表現的藥物或禁藥的行為.


RaceBase believes all athletes competing in any RaceBase event and sport in general should educate themselves on the anti-doping rules and banned substances established by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and on other anti-doping rules and policies.

RaceBase 認為參加RaceBase 活動和運動的所有運動員應了解反禁藥規則和世界運動禁藥機構(WADA)以及其他反禁藥規則和政策.

In order to further this commitment and to help create a clean sport in trail running and ultrarunning, The 9 Dragons Ultra will be enforcing the policy outlined below and will require athletes competing in The 9 Dragons events to acknowledge the policy and agree to a Code of Conduct that allows RaceBase to enforce the policy.

為了進一步履行承諾, 並幫助建立一個沒有禁藥的越野跑和超級跑步運動環境.九龍超跑山賽將執行以下概述的政策, 並要求參加九龍超跑山賽的運動員同意及允許 RaceBase執行此政策.



RaceBase Clean Sport Policy


Athletes who have been banned from competition by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), any national sports federation, or a similar organization identified by RaceBase, for a violation of applicable anti-doping rules or policies, are prohibited from competing at any RaceBase event while the ban is effective.

已被國際田徑總會(IAAF), 世界反運動禁藥機構(WADA), 美國反禁藥組織(USADA), 任何國家體
育聯會或相關機構列為禁止比賽的運動員, RaceBase將不接受該些運動員在被禁賽期間參加RaceBase舉辦的任何活動.


Once the ban has been served and officially lifted, the athlete may compete at any RaceBase event, however, such athlete will forever be ineligible to receive prize money, awards, podium recognition, or overall or age group competitive rankings at any RaceBase event.

當禁止比賽的禁令取消, RaceBase會重新接納該運動員參加其下舉辦的比賽, 但該運動員將永久
被遞奪獲獎資格, 包括應得獎金, 任何組別排名和獎項.

If RaceBase determines, at any time, that an athlete competed in a RaceBase event while banned from competition as provided in this policy, that athlete must forfeit the event and return any prize money, awards, etc.; RaceBase shall have sole and absolute discretion in determining whether a qualifying ban was imposed.

如果RaceBase在任何時候發現有運動在被禁賽期間參加其下之活動, 該運動員將喪失參加活動的資格, 並須退回所獲發之獎金, 獎項等.RaceBase在確定該禁令是否有期效時, 有絕對的酌情權.


This policy is subject to change by RaceBase at any time.  If changed, RaceBase will notify registered runners of the updated policy.

RaceBase 可隨時更改此政策. 如有任何更改, RaceBase 會向已報名活動的參加者通知有關改動. 以上內容以本網頁內的英文版本為準